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Lexington - New England Style

Lexington is influenced by typical New England style. With the Lexington range you can always combine colors and styles, weather you live in the city or in the country side. The Lexington brand provides a complete design concept for home textiles. The collection consist of duvets, pillowcases, throws, bed spreads, towels, kitchen towels, clothes and other home accessories.

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Muubs - Raw and Urban feeling

From Muubs you will find products that all have a raw and unique urban look that fits into most interior design as a contrast to the minimalism. Muubs collections expresses the forces of nature and its beautiful, intense rawness.

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Ib Laursen

Ib Laursen product range offers many options for creating a unique and cosy decor. By combining Ib Laursen home decor products to modern interior your home will have some edge and personal style.

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