About us

Sisustus Trendo is interior design office and design shop. We are a family owned small company, found in 2009 and we have our ground shop in Ylivieska, Finland. In our shop and web store we sell high quality decorations, lamps, rugs, textiles and furniture from selected brands.

Our trained staff and our wide material library helps you to choose the best suited wall and floor materials, wallpapers and other interior decoration materials for your home.

We sell textile and decorative items from brands like; Riviera Maison, Lexington, Gant, Lene Bjerre, Linum, Nordal, Svanefors, Pappelina, Kylie Minoque, Lennol and many other.

From us you can get detailed interior design plans, interior help and all the needed materials.

Our shop and customer service is open:

Monday-Friday 9.00-17.00

Saturday 10.00-14.00

Sunday closed

or as agreed

Our address:

Sisustus Trendo

Asemakatu 3

84100 Ylivieska

Suomi, Finland



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