Privacy policy

Privacy Policy & Privacy Statement 22.05.2018

The registrar and its contact details

TerraNova Ay / Sisustus Trendo (Company ID: 2584808-3)

Asemakatu 3

84100 Ylivieska

Suomi Finland

Puh. 040-7059290

Person(s) responsible of the registra

Sauli Kinnunen ja Sirkka-Liisa Kinnunen

What information is collected about me?

We collect and save the customers first and last name, age, address, state, country, email address, phone number, selected language and used used currency. From companies we collect and save information about the company name, company ID, address and VAT ID.

We also save information given by the customer, like as the order info, paying method and delivery method.

What the information is being used for?

Personal information is used:

  • Taking care of the customer-retailer relations.
  • Delivering, handling and filing the order.
  • For statistical purposes.
  • For marketing purposes (such as customer letter).
  • Maintenance of Loyal Customer Register.

The legal basis for handling personal data is based on the agreement, consent or legitimate interest.

The processing of personal data has taken into account the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation to be followed from 25 May 2018.

How long my information is being kept/saved?

We are saving your personal info as long as needed for carrying out the purposes of the register. Some of your information might be kept longer, due to the legal reasons and responsibilities (bookkeeping and other legal reasons). 

Giving the information for third parties.

We will give the information to logistic and paying method partners to enable our online store to operate. We will not disclose information outside the EU, EEA or Non-EU.

Consumer rights 

As a customer you have following rights:

  • Revision rights (Customer's right to check the information stored on him/her).
  • Correction rights (Customer's right to correct and modify customer data).
  • Right to Cancel Consent (Right to cancel newsletter or other consent).
  • Deleting rights (Customer's right to remove her/his user account and information stored on it).