Bee's wrap Medium
Bee's wrap Medium Bee's wrap Medium Bee's wrap Medium Bee's wrap Medium

Bee's wrap Medium

Bee's Wrap
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Bee's wrap Medium

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Wrap bread, cheese, fruits, vegetables, or cover a bowl! Bee's Wrap® is the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap, create a seal, when cool the wrap holds its shape. Not recommended for storing meat or fish. Do not use for cutting on. Keep away from heat, such as hot water, dishwasher, microwave and ovens. Reusable. 

Washing: Wash in cool water with mild dish soap, rinse and let dry. Do not rub. Reuse for about one year.

Made of: Beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin.

Packet includes 1 size M wrap.

Usage examples:
1 Small (17,78 cm x 20,32 cm) wrap a lemon, avocado or small snack.

1 Medium (25,40 cm x 27,94 cm) wrap cheese, carrots, herbs, or cover a bowl. 

1 Large (33,02 cm x 35,56 cm) ?wrap half a melon, greens, baked goods or cover a bowl.

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