Idea 13W 13.4mm

Idea 13W 13.4mm
Idea 13W 13.4mm

Idea 13W 13.4mm

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With a focus on both the environment and the quality of light, Umage has designed the Idea 3W 125 mm bulb, a smart LED A+ lightbulb that pays tribute to the beautiful and simple design of the original Thomas Edison lightbulb. Offering a warm, soft light that powers on immediately when it is turned on, this decorative bulb has a high colour rendering index to mimic the vivid light found in nature. Compared to classic lightbulbs, it is a great non-toxic energy saving solution and it always remains cool throughout its long-lasting lifetime.

Size: 7xh13.4 cm. 

Light: E27 13W 220-240 V 50Hz.

Kelvin: 4000.

Burning time: 25000 hours.

Ra>80-1400 lm-107 lm/W.


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