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Vardo Curtain Porridge
Vardo Curtain Porridge
Vardo Curtain Porridge
Vardo Curtain Porridge
Vardo Curtain Porridge

Vardo Curtain Porridge

152,98 €
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Vardo Curtain Porridge

Vardo is a linen blend curtain, light and audible curtain fabric. The fabric is 300cm high / wide, "roomhigh". Roomhigh fabric allows for wide curtains. 

The price of the fabric is the price per meter of width. 79.00 / m 

The wave curtain is attached to the rail with hooks. (Fig. 4) A wave strip sewn into the curtain folds the curtain beautifully for large folds. 

Roomhigh fabric can be used to make wide curtains to cover large surfaces. 

If desired, the curtain folds beautifully into a small space. 

The monsoon tape curtain is hung from the loops in the tape on the rod. (Picture 3) 

The price includes one curtain, accessories and sewing. 

Material: 35% linen, 65% Polyester. 

Transparency: Transparent, light. 

Color: Porridge/vaalea hiekka. 

Washing: 30'C. 

Ironing: 2 points

Ordering instructions: 

1. Select the desired curtain width from the menu. 

2. Select the desired mounting method. 

3. Measure the height of the finished curtain from the top of the curtain rod to the floor or from the bottom of the curtain rail to the floor. We reduce the size by 1.5cm so that the curtain does not touch the floor. 

4. Enter the desired curtain height in the Details section of your order. For example, select a curtain with a width of 240 cm and a fastening option with Wave tape with hooks to the curtain rail. For the message: I would like my curtain to a height of 260cm. 

NOTE. Custom-made products have no right of exchange or return. 

If you want, you can get a free sample of the fabric by sending us an email to

Model number: Porcini-05