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Silkkitie Carpet 80x150 Light grey

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Silkkitie Carpet 80x150 Light grey

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It is a pleasure to step on the grand, luxurious soft Silkkitie rug. Getting up in the morning feels nice when you can set your toes on the warm, soft rug. In the living room the rug pleasantly softens the steps. Silkkitie is also equipped with the non-slip EVA which makes the rug flexible and firm. The backing material is well-suited to all floor surfaces and also for floors with radiant heating. It is odorless, recyclable and doesn’t stain the floor.  

Size: 80x150cm. 

Material: 100% mikropolyester. 


Color: Light grey.

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Product information
Model number: silkkitie-93-vaaleanharmaa