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Vase peat colora small

Vase peat colora small

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Vase Peat Colora Small
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Whether it is empty or filled, the enchanting COLORA porcelain vase is beautifully simple. It is the perfect way to display floral arrangements. Alternatively, it can be used as a stand-alone ornament for the sideboard or windowsill. The soft, matt surface finish brings out the colours beautifully. This high-quality product is handmade, so there are slight irregularities in the material. This means that each one is unique. Features rubber discs on the base to protect sensitive surfaces.

Color: Peat

Material: Porselain

Diameter: 105mm

Height: 150mm

Width: 105mm

Length: 105mm

Model number: 65902
Product identifier: 4008832773365