Laundry Detergent Morning Rain
 Laundry Detergent Morning Rain

Laundry Detergent Morning Rain

The One
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The One-Laundry detergent effectively but gently removes bad smell, grease and dirt from textiles even at low temperatures. Gentle detergent will retain color and leave the laundry as such fluffy and soft, especially in terry towels. The One Laundry Detergent is an effective concentrate, so less detergent can be dispensed per wash, which increases product yield and reduces detergent buildup in textiles and washing machines.

Biodegradable The One Laundry Detergents are manufactured using new, domestic, environmentally friendly and gentle technology. In REACH-approved production, all by-products are recycled. The products do not harm the environment or nature when they get there. The products in the series have not been tested on animals. The laundry detergent does not contain harmful dyes or bleaches. The packaging can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

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