Chimes Black

Chimes Black
Chimes Black Chimes Black Chimes Black

Chimes Black

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A wooden pendant lamp in its simplest and cleanest form, VITA Chimes brings the Nordic tones of nature into the interior. A piece of solid oak, combined with a warm LED light source, Chimes is based on the graceful lines that occur from rows of trees in the woods. Create a cosy atmosphere by using several Chimes in a straight line or a beautiful cluster. The Chimes pendant brings a Nordic touch to the corner of a living room or above the kitchen counter.

Size: 3xh22 cm. 

Material: Oak, metal. 

Color: Black

Light: LED, panel built-in. 3000k, 220lm, 80ra.

Packet includes 2m black cord.

22 cm
3.4 cm
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