RETROit Cobana - Sand Melange
RETROit Cobana - Sand Melange RETROit Cobana - Sand Melange RETROit Cobana - Sand Melange

RETROit Cobana - Sand Melange

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The vintage RETROit is the only beanbag on the market where you can sit down holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other – and still sit comfortably! Unlike a conventional beanbag you will never have to shape it with your hands. And you will always feel comfortable sitting in it.
The RETROit Cobana is designed for both indoor and outdoor use - it's water resistant and does not fade. RETROit Outdoor is made of the synthetic material olefin which is water-resistant and cannot get attacked by mildew. The handle on the back of the chair is merely a decorative detail, and it serves no functional purpose. We recommend that the chair is moved by grabbing the entire chair, and not just the handle. You risk damaging the back of the chair, if the handle is pulled too violently.

Size: 96x80xh70cm.

Color: Sand grey melange.

Material: 100 % olefin fiber.

Filling: EPS beads (100% toxic free. Approximately 300 liter per bean bag).

Martindale: 20.000 rubs.

Please note: The RETROit beanbag is filled very hard with EPS beads when you receive it. This makes the chair seem hard to sit in the first couple of times you use it. The EPS pearls will adjust within a few weeks, and the chair will feel much more comfortable. The tight filling makes sure that the chair stays in shape. 

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