Everyday Design BOX -wall organizer white

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Everyday Design BOX -wall organizer white

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BOX -wall organizer

Do you have enough space in your entrance? Somehow that's the place where all the knickknacks seem to gather around: mail, keys, notes for family etc. That's why we created the BOX. You don't have to use it in your entrance. We are all individuals with our own specific needs and problems.

BOX is made for your needs. Organize the parts as you please and hang up your BOX in the office, kitchen, hall or bathroom. Change the parts' places as you wish and as often as you wish. Add magnets to give it your own touch. You can use the BOX in vertical or horizontal level. The box is your oyster!Price includes a wall plate, bigger box, smaller box, shelf and 2 hooks. Available in black and white.


Wall plate measurements 36 x 56 x 2 cm , depth with the biggest box 14cm

100 % metal, which of 30 % is recycled

Designed and manufactured in Finland

The product can be recycled further

Design Helena Mattila

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