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LOVE mixed 550g

LOVE mixed 550g

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LOVE mixed 550g
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Can you ever LOVE too much? We don’t think so, so we collected everything in one jar of LOVE. STRAWBERRY & CREAM flavored strawberries, white soft cream and sweet Laku combine the power of FRUITY CARAMEL flavored salmia lacquer, dulce chocolate and blackcurrant bitterness.

Ingredients: STRAWBERRY & CREAM: Ingredients: 50% white chocolate (EU) (sugar, cocoa butter, WHOLE MILK POWDER, emulsifier: SOYA LECITHIN, natural vanilla flavor), sugar, rice flour, invert sugar syrup, molasses, glucose syrup, cocoa syrup EU) (freeze-dried), 2% raw cricket (non-EU), rapeseed oil, salt, 0.5% vanilla-flavored cream powder (non-EU) (CREAM (spray-dried), natural flavor), surface treatments (shellac, carnauba wax), acid: malic acid, : SOYA LECITHIN, natural strawberry flavor, natural vanilla flavor, colorant: carmine, anise oil. Not less than 27% cocoa solids.

FRUITY CARAMEL: Ingredients: 54% dulce chocolate (EU) (sugar, MILK POWDER, COCOA BUTTER, WHEY POWDER, COCOA PULP, MILK FAT, emulsifier: SOYA LECITHIN, natural flavor), 15% sugar (EU), rice flour, invert sugar syrup, invert sugar syrup, (non-EU), 2% blackcurrant (EU) (freeze-dried), salmia, rapeseed oil, colorants (calcium carbonate, carmine), stabilizer: gum arabic, salt, surface treatments (gum arabic, shellac, carnauba wax), natural flavoring, aniseed oil. Not less than 27% cocoa solids.

Gluten free