Adeliina textile refresher Cotton 450g

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Adeliina textile refresher Cotton 450g

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Adeliina Textile freshener is a effective alternative for vacuuming powder. Completely non-toxic aid for quick cleaning. With the help of a textile freshener, you can also get rid of stubborn odors in carpets or shoes, for example.

The product is packed in a 450 g spreader pack made of cardboard and a plastic lid and base. It is convenient to dispense a suitable amount of freshener through the sprinkler. The product is sprinkled on the carpet, for example, left to act for at least 30 minutes, after which it is vacuumed off. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

Adeliina Textile freshener Cotton is a completely non-toxic and safe alternative for cleaning your home. It is also perfect for pet households, refreshing carpets or sleeping pads, for example. The scent is fresh and allergens have been taken into account and most scent-sensitive people are able to use this product. Adelin Textile Freshener is biodegradable and vegan. It is also completely safe to use in families with children, as the main raw material is baking soda.

The product has the Key Flag symbol issued by the Finnish Trade Union Confederation.

Scent: Cotton.

Size: 450g.

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