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Winter Selection Box

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Winter Selection Box

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Invite those around you to share the love for liquorice in the most tasteful way. The beautiful silver edition of our WINTER SELECTION BOX contains both popular classics and limited edition seasonal favourites - perfect for gifting and to enjoy liquorice in different varieties. Enjoy A - THE ORIGINAL, C - COFFEE KIENI, D - SALT & CARAMEL, F - DARK & SEA SALT, CHRISTMAS - BUTTER COOKIE, CLASSIC - SALTY CARAMEL, GOLDEN - RASPBERRY and ÆGG - CRISPY CARAMEL. Our WINTER SELECTION BOX is the perfect choice if you have more than one favourite.

Ingredients: MIXED LIQUORICE WITH CHOCOLATE: Ingredients: 61% dulce, milk, white and dark chocolate (EU) (sugar, cocoa butter, MILK POWDER, cocoa mass, WHEY POWDER, MILK FAT, natural flavours, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN), sugar, rice flour, invert sugar syrup, treacle, glucose syrup, 3% raw liquorice (non-EU), rapeseed oil, fruit powders (raspberry, strawberry (freeze dried)), glazing agents (carnauba wax, gum arabic, shellac), salt, sea salt, roasted and grounded coffee beans (kenya, kieni), cinnamon (ground), caramel (sugar, glucose syrup, CREAM, SALTED BUTTER, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, sea salt), dextrose, colours (iron oxide, calcium carbonate), cocoa butter, stabilizer: gum arabic, alkalised cocoa, anise oil, natural flavours. Minimum 31% cocoa solids. Gluten free. Protect from heat and moisture. 

Gluten free.

Store in a dark, not too warm place

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