Oceanbox White

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Oceanbox White

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The white of the design front is one of our most popular colours. It echoes the white of elegant boats and seaside resorts, and is discreet and stylish. It fits perfectly into any living environment. In white, the design of the sound openings comes into its own: they quote the lively foaming spray of ocean waves.

The natural sounds of the Oceanbox take you to the beach. You listen to the sound of the waves and the calls of the seagulls and breathe deeply. The soundscape of the Oceanbox lets you relax intuitively and gives you a feeling of absolute freedom. Two ocean sounds of 100 seconds each provide variety. 

Sound: 2 x 100 seconds of ocean atmo

Dimensions: width 108 x height 115 x depth 50 mm

Front: acrylic glass

Body: plastic

Technology: rechargeable battery, USB cable included

Ideal for: Bathroom, hallway, kitchen, office & more

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Product information
Model number: 11OBX0101002-901
Product identifier: 4260529153106