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Maison Berger Starter Pack Essentiel Carree

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Maison Berger Starter Pack Essentiel Carree Square Bottle

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Maison Berger Starter Pack Essentiel Carree Square Bottle.

LAMPE BERGER has been cleaning room air since 1898, when pharmacist Maurice Berger invented and patented a unique system based on catalyst technology for cleaning room air in hospital beds, to prevent the spread of viral diseases. LAMPE BERGER's catalyst diffusion system subtly removes air impurities and odors and freshens room air in a unique way. By using scented liquid in the air purification lamp, Lampe Berger also offers a charming room fragrance. The fragrances are created by leading French perfumers - these fragrances bring soul and style to homes. The Essentielle Carree starter pack contains everything you need to start using the lamp. Clear instructions in the package, also in Finnish. In addition to the lamp, the package includes So Neutral neutral liquid 250 ml and a scented liquid. ATTENTION! Only Lampe Berger liquids are allowed to be used in Lampe Berger lamps. We recommend buying a separate neutral liquid bottle in addition to the package. The neutral liquid can be used in the lamp as it is or it can be used to dilute scented liquids. This starter kit includes a bottle of neutral and a bottle of Ozean Breeze. A 250ml bottle is enough for about 26 x 20min use.

Square bottle material: Glass and metal.

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