Terms & Conditions

General information about our online store

The products in the online store are sold by TerraNova Ay, business ID 2584808-3. Sisustus Trendo is part of TerraNova Ay's family business. Our office is located in Ylivieska, Finland.

We sell products to adults and companies in Finland. By confirming the order, you confirm that you are of legal age or that you have the consent of your guardian to place the order.

We reserve all rights to change our delivery terms. Before ordering, the customer must familiarize himself or herself with the delivery terms in force at the time. By confirming your order, you accept the delivery terms.

Sisustus Trendo  / TerraNova Ay treats all customer data completely confidentially.

Sisustus Trendo  / TerraNova Ay undertakes not to disclose customer data to third parties

Ordering products

To order products in the online store, click the product and buy button. After clicking the Buy button, the product will be updated in the shopping cart and you can continue shopping on the website or proceed to pay for the product.

When purchasing the product, you must enter the required information in the fields and select the delivery and payment method. After confirming your order, you will be automatically redirected to online banking or another payment method of your choice. All payments are made through Klarna, so payment is secure and Sisustus Trendo will not receive your bank or card information.

Product complaint, return and return policy, as well as order cancellation

Notice of defect

If you want to make a complaint about the product, please contact us by sending an email to posti@trendo.fi. Please indicate in your email the reason for the complaint and whether you want to replace the product with a new one or return it completely. Also provide your name, address and telephone number, as well as a picture of the damaged product. Complaints must be made within 14 days of receipt of the package.

Please wait while we contact you about the complaint and send the product back to Sisustus Trendo as customer feedback. You can return it by gluing the return label that came with the package.

Note. If the product has been damaged in transit, make a complaint immediately at the product collection point!

Return or exchange and right of return

If you want to exchange or return the product, please contact the store by sending an email to posti@trendo.fi and state the reason for the exchange or return. Also tell us if you want to change the product to another color or size. Note. When exchanging a product by post, we will charge the postage for shipping the new product.

The products have a 14-day right of return under the Consumer Protection Act. The right to return is calculated from the collection of the package, to the return of the package. Therefore, the return must be made no later than 14 days after receiving the package. Returns that exceed the 14 day rule have no right of return or exchange!

Note. Custom-made products have no right to exchange or return. Custom-made products include custom-made furniture, interior textiles, carpets and other products, custom wallpapers, and products containing sewing services.

Please note that when returning products, the customer pays all the costs of the return. When returning products that require special shipping, the customer is responsible for the return costs.

Returned products must always be unused, completely free of defects and in the original packaging. We will refund you through Klarna once your return has been received, processed and the condition of the products checked. Note. We do not refund the cost of payment and return of the order.

If you return a product for which you have received a sales cover, the sales cover must also be returned. This also applies to orders where you have received a dealership when a certain purchase amount has been exceeded.

Please note that failure to pick up a package does not constitute a cancellation or refund of your order. For orders not picked up, we will charge the delivery and return costs incurred for delivery!

Customer return

Customer returns are possible through Matkahuolto and Posti (Also other agent points). When returning your order, glue the return card / sticker that came with the order to the package.

Canceling an order

If you want to cancel your order, send an email to posti@trendo.fi. or call 045 3522 364. Please email us your order number, the reason for the cancellation and your account number for a refund and we will cancel your order immediately. Cancellation must be made before you receive the package shipping notification. If the order has already been shipped, send the package back as customer return.

Delivery times

We strive to process your order as quickly as possible. Every weekday before noon. Orders received before 1 p.m. will be shipped within the same day.

The average delivery time for stock items is about 3-5 business days.

Delivery time for order products is about 1-3 weeks.

Please note that some custom-made products may have longer delivery times. We strive to inform the customer as well as possible in such cases. We will also contact the customer in situations where the ordered product has been sold out or is no longer available for any reason. Sisustus Trendo reserves the right to cancel an order if the ordered product is out of stock and is no longer available. When an ordered product runs out, we primarily aim to replace it with another equivalent product.

If the products you order have different delivery times, we will ship all the products at once. If you want to receive the products in stock earlier, we will send the products in two batches. The necessary postage will be charged for each individual shipment.

Delivery methods

Sisustus Trendo delivers orders through Posti and Matkahuolto. We deliver orders as home delivery only upon separate agreement, against an order-specific delivery fee (charged on a case-by-case basis). If agreed, you can buy products from the online store and pick them up from our store free of charge. We keep the ordered and paid products in our store for 14 working days, unless otherwise agreed.

Delivery options

You can pick a delivery option that suits you the best. Delivery cost include delivery and handling costs. Be aware that your countries customs my charge you extra charges and taxes. Sisustus Trendo is not responsible for this possible extra charges.

Pick up from our store 0€

You can easily pick up your order from our store for free, when the shop is open.Your order is kept at our shop for 14 days.

Post Economy 7.90€

Your package is delivered to your local Post office. This option is valid only in orders within Finland and Åland island.

Pick up from Post packet automate 7.90€

You can pick up your package from nearest package automate. Orders which exceed the weight and size limits can not be send with this delivery option. This option is valid only in orders within Finland and Åland island.

Matkahuolto parcel service 6.90€

Your package will be delivered to your nearest Matkahuolto office. This option is valid only in orders within Finland and Åland island.

Post Nordic 23€

Your package is delivered to your local Post office. This option is valid only in orders within Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Post EU delivery 25€

Your package is delivered to your local Post office. This option is valid only in orders within Iceland, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania.

Payment methods

Klarna Pay now

No more searching for a credit card in the bag or remembering long passwords. No more hesitation about the reliability of e-commerce. Klarna fills in the information for you and guarantees the reliability of the online store. Your payment will be processed immediately and you will see it in the Klarna application. (Information about Klarna)

If your payment fails, we'll try again. If your purchase still doesn't go through, you'll receive a 30-day free invoice that you can easily pay later in your email or in the Klarna app

You will benefit from your purchase with Klarna online banking or card payment as follows:

  • You pay directly at checkout without having to enter card information or an additional password.
  • You can rest assured that it is safe to shop at that online store.
  • Your purchase will appear in the Klarna app, so you will always stay on cart at your own expense.

Klarna Pay later

At Klarna, you get 30 days of free payment. The payment period starts from the sending of the order. This means that you will always receive the product before you need to pay for it. You can also try the product in peace of mind before making a purchase decision. If for any reason you want to return the product you do not have to wait for the money to be credited to your account.

An invoice will be sent with your order. It also appears in the Klarna app, where you get reminders of the due date and pay your bills easily.  If you wish, you can also snooze your payment, ie postpone the due date of your invoice. We charge a small fee for this service (Klarna). (Information about Klarna)

Klarna Divide into lots

Klarna's installment fee does not require complicated registration or a separate credit application. We will make a credit decision immediately based on the information you enter at checkout. If you are given the opportunity to pay in installments, you can choose the most suitable installment payment plan, the terms and costs of which will be presented to you immediately at checkout. In Klarna, you will always see your next due date and receive reminders about these.

We always try to offer you the payment option that best suits your life situation. You can choose to pay the minimum amount of the invoice or any amount that exceeds the minimum amount. Do you want to pay more or all at once? Succeed! You can pay off the remaining amount at any time. (Information about Klarna)

Information about Klarna

Read more about Klarna's calculation and installment methods