Terms and conditions

Sisustus Trendo/TerraNova AY (2584808-3) is a Finnish company which sells furniture, decorations, textiles and other design items on its web store and local store in Ylivieska.

We sell our product to private persons in Finland and within Europe. Making an order in our web shop, you agree to follow our terms and conditions.

By placing an order in our web shop you also agree that you are over 18 years old or have a permit from your guardian to purchase our products.

Sisustus Trendo withholds a right to change our terms and conditions.

We promise to take care of our customer’s personal information and not give it to third parties.

Complaints from a broken product

If you want to make a complaint of broken or faulty product, please contact us by sending an email to posti@sisustussuunnittelua.fi. In your email you need to explain the reason for the complaint and let us know if you want to change the product for a new one or cancel your order. To process your complaint we also need pictures from your damaged product. The complaint must be done within 14 days since receiving the package.

Wait us to contact you before sending back your order. When you send back your order, place a return sticker on your package (comes with your package).

NOTE! If your package is been damaged by the delivery company, make a complaint to your local Post Office immediately when you receive the package.

Returning your order or changing it to another product

If you want to return or change your order, send us email to posti@sisustussuunnittelua.fi and let us know your order number and why you want to return or change your order.

If you want to change your order to different size or color, let us know.

Note that if you want to change your order trough Post, we will charge you the expenses caused by the new delivery.

Based by the Finnish consumer law, you have 14 days right to return your order. Returning right is counted from the day you receive the order to the day you send it back. This means that you have to send back your order within those 14 days.

We will return your payment after receiving your return and checking its condition.

Note that we don’t return costs that was caused by returning the order or possible costs caused by the paying method.

Returned items must be unused, unbroken and in its original package. If you have had free products with your order, you must return these free items as well.

Custom orders don’t have change or returning rights. Custom orders are for example wallpapers and furniture, carpets or textiles made with customer’s measurements.

Packages that are returned after 14 days from receiving do not have change/returning rights!

Cancelling your order

If you want to cancel your order, send us email at posti@sisustussuunnittelua.fi or call to +358407059290. Let us know your order number and why you want to cancel. You need to cancel your order before we send it to you. If you cancel it after sending, you need to send the package back as normal return within 14 days from receiving it.

Delivery times

Orders that are made before 13.00 (1pm.) are usually send in the same day. In stock items are usually send within 2-5 working days. Special orders like wallpapers are being sent within 1-3 weeks. If the delivery times get longer than mentioned before, we try to inform the customer. We will also contact the customer if the ordered items are being sold out or/and we can’t get them anymore. If the item(s) are being sold out, we will try to replace it/them with similar item(s) or with something with same value.

We reserve the right to cancel the order if the item(s) are sold out and it’s not possible for us to get them anymore.

If your order consist items with different delivery times, we will try to send them all in one delivery (the longest). If you want to receive some of the items earlier, we will send your order in two separate deliveries. Each separate delivery will have its own delivery costs.

Paying methods

You can pay your order through Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7).

Paytrayl accepts Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and most of the Finnish bank paying options.

Paytrail: 2122839-7

Innova 2

Lutakonaukio 7

40100 Jyväskylä

Phone: 0207 181830

Uutta ✦ New
Sarah flower pot cement Ø37x37 cm
Sarah flower pot cement Ø37x37 cm
Karol centre piece cement 38 cm
101,90 €
Serafina cockatoo Black 30 cm
36,45 €
Serafina cockatoo 30 cm
36,45 €
Serafina parrot 28 cm
39,15 €
Fika Table runner 35x120 Rose
20,90 €